Lead Together: Season Two

I am excited to release Season 2 of Lead Together! More great guests, and improved audio.

Please give them a listen and share them with your friends if you find them interesting and/or helpful.

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Here is a brief episode guide:

The energy is what makes the difference – Bravium (Nicole Bianchi and Jeff Shannon)

Step up to your power and do the right thing – Cristina Castro-Matukewicz

The surest way to fail is inaction – Othello Meadows

A brand can serve a community – Dave Nelson

If you can memorize the 600 declensions of a Greek verb, you can remember anything you want – Mike McCarthy

There is a great deal of wisdom in these episode. We hope you enjoy them!

A Chat With Two Inspiring Leaders: Kate and Sandy Dodge

Want to listen in on a conversation with people who built a remarkable company and changed a city?

Kate and Sandy Dodge (The NP Dodge Company) are two of the most amazing people with whom I have ever conversed.

The above will link you directly with the audio, but it is also available on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Google, etc.

Sandy is a quiet and thoughtful man so he can be a little tough to hear at times, but the little bit of extra attention required is worth it to glean his wisdom. Kate is brilliant and has a voice that resonates so she is pretty easy to hear.

Together they offer an extraordinary amount of virtual mentoring to anyone interested in growing as a leader…and quite frankly, as a human.

Give this podcast a listen and check out the rest of the season.

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