The Minimalist Management Manifesto

Over the last few years my life has become increasingly complex. I bet you can relate. I now play many roles, husband, father, professor, manager, entrepreneur, investor, board member, coach…to name a few. None of these roles is bad and I enjoy each of them. That said, my stress level has increased and my own perception of the value I am creating is plummeting despite expending a lot more energy. I am starting The Minimalist Manager to help me — and anyone else who is interested — become a better manager.

A manager is anyone who provides oversight to something. It might be an organization, a team, a family, or one’s own life. Minimalist Management is an approach to the practice of management that aims to create meaning and clarity for the manager her/himself and the people around the manager. Minimalist Management is based in the belief that meaningful and clear work allows people to flourish. Minimalist Management is also based in the belief that enabling people to flourish should be the highest aspiration of a manager. It cannot go without saying that managers will only be effective when people trust the manager and the manager trusts him/herself.

I believe that if people strive to become Minimalist Managers that we can collectively improve both our work and home lives. I believe that most people lack sufficient meaning and clarity in their work and, in many cases, their lives broadly defined. That must change if we are to flourish! I invite everyone who wants to flourish, and to help those around them flourish, to join me in practicing Minimalist Management.

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Featured image courtesy of David Muir. Thank you for sharing your art so freely.

Minimalist Managers need to learn about themselves, those those they value, and evidence based management techniques…some resources.

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