Three Simple Tips To Make Your Airport Time More Purposeful

You don’t have a Super Duper High Flyers Club membership to get away from the chaos??? Me neither. If you do…can I borrow it sometime?

In trying to thrive in the airport – or at least survive – I have found three simple moves very helpful in keeping me thoughtful and productive (and yes, I’m writing this in the Atlanta airport).

1. Go Upstairs To Eat

In many airports you can find relative peace and quiet by paying a few extra dollars to go eat and/or drink in a restaurant/bar separated from the primary public spaces. To make things tangible. Today I spent $16 at P.F. Chang’s where I ate well, had a few ice teas, charged my devices, and did some reflecting. Juxtapose this against $11 to eat at generic airport asian place where the food is under a heat lamp and I would have had my choice of lovely fountain drinks. Also, no seats, views, or electronic hook-ups. Yes, it’s five extra dollars, but I gained over an hour of peace and productivity.

2. Skip The Train

If you love being surrounded by people with luggage falling on you, please disregard this point.

When time allows skip the mass transit and take a walk. Good for your health and peace of mind. Get some space and time to think. Many airports are trying to make these spaces enticing by putting in art installations. The one pictured above comes with the sounds of nature. Quite pleasant!

3. Wait To Go To Your Gate

Why sit at your crowded gate when you can sit in the peace and quiet of a gate with a much later flight? You know what time boarding will begin. You won’t be late. Why emerse yourself in the noise and nuisance of a busy gate when peace may only be a few yards away?

While I’ll grant you that not every airport experience lends itself to the implementation of these tips, many do. Take advantage of the little opportunities that many people miss to gain some peaceful and purposeful time.

Bonus. Originate At A Regional Airport

If you have ever been lucky enough to originate from a great regional airport like Omaha you know that long security waits aren’t the norm everywhere. Having the luxury of frequently originating in Omaha has allowed me to sleep at least an extra hour prior to most every trip vs. a “big city” departure.

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