Please Don’t Go Back To “Normal”

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You are free. Jesus set you free. It is up to you to choose freedom each day.

When God led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt it took 40 years in the wilderness before they arrived in the promised land and much, much longer before we were all set free for good by Jesus.

This Covid-19 caused time in the wilderness is temporary and there will be a time when we will be told everything is back to normal…so we should get back to doing the things we have always done. We should spend our money the way we have always spent it.

Advertisers will again begin to tell us that the shiny object will make us happy. Facebook will again tell us that our neighbors have it better than us.

Don’t buy into the old lies. Don’t let them take your freedom.

We all need to decide right now that we will never go back to the bondage of our schedule or our spending habits, and then begin to decide what our promised land will look like.

Some of the things that occupied our time were very valuable to us and those we love. Others were not.

Some of the things we spent money on were worth every penny. Others, not so much.

Right now we have ample time to reflect on what was and will be truly valuable versus what is simply a waste of your limited resources.

You can determine your path forward as an individual, as a family, as an organization, or as a community.

The choice is yours.

Don’t go back!

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