The Gift of Silence and The Noisy Winds of Life

Silence gives you a wide and deep perspective through which to see and hear…to notice.

Wind on the other hand narrows you and makes you shallow, its sound distracts, it forces you to put up your literal or metaphorical hood for protection.

I am blessed this week to be on silent retreat (thank you to Creighton and to the other American Jesuit Colleges and Universities). I decided to post some quick and dirty reflections as I go. I am writing on my phone as I didn’t bring my laptop. So please forgive the extra typos and any strange formatting.

The theme of the first day, for me at least, was the important role of noticing in prayer.

I think I notice what is going on around me and in me, but the winds of daily life usually have me pulling my hood up and limiting my perspective.

Yesterday, after receiving teaching on the role of noticing in prayer, I was able to go on a very long walk. It was incredible. God’s creation was still and bright. No need for my hood. I was noticing! The journey was my home.

Today, I started on the same walk, the wind was blowing. My hood was up at I noticed the difference almost immediately. My perspective was narrow and my thoughts were about getting through the walk and back to the solitude of the retreat center. The world was loud.

I think our work and home lives are very similar. One day we feel dialed in. We are noticing our loved ones and team members. Then the next day when the project is due or the evening schedule is tight we put up our metaphorical hoods and miss out on what God has for us in God’s creation.

All of life can be prayer. Take time to notice!

As always, please share if you find this helpful.

I was literally sitting surrounded by these angels.

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