The Journey is Our Home

“The journey is our home.” – Jesuit saying

“Home is that place in the heart of each of us where God lives, where God is the center of my being, where I hear the voice of God say “you are my beloved friend”.” – ???

Leaving home is what separates us from God.

This post isn’t simple, it isn’t clean, it is complicated and messy. It is a mish mash of metaphors.

Just like our understanding of God.

No one metaphor can capture God. God is beyond our comprehension and can’t be captured by our language.

No metaphor can capture our relationship with God.

Day two of my retreat asked me to reimagine things I thought I knew. And did in a sense. But not as I do now. And I am still only catching a glimpse.

God invites us on a journey. It is a journey with a friend that loves us recklessly (if thought about with my human mind). That friend is Jesus.

When we walk this path to and with Jesus we are home…where we are most loved and most fully ourselves…where God is the center of our being.

When we leave this path we are less.

Fortunately the path to and with Jesus remains clear and we will be welcomed home to continue on.

God will always welcome us back home.

Rembrandt’s The Return of the Prodigal Son

If we are to be our best selves to those we love and lead, we must be journey partners with the one who loves and leads us perfectly. That is home.

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