Lovers and Leaders Must Make a Habit of Dying

To love and lead to the fullest I believe one attitude must be adopted and then claimed anew each day.

Self Sacrifice

Jesus (God) is love. And that love was perfectly expressed in the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus.

When lovers (parents, friends, spouses, etc) and leaders are at their best they forego self interest in favor of another’s interest. They sacrifice self in support of another with a greater good in mind. That good could be the growth of the other human, care for a client, or the flourishing of a community of people (an organization).

We are not asked to sacrifice our selves on the cross, but we are given the opportunity to understand Jesus’ suffering for us so that we can begin to understand the depth of God’s love for us.

Once we begin to understand that love we can begin to pour it out to those we love and lead.

This is harder than it might first sound. We must become vulnerable, but Jesus showed us that he was willing to do this for us. He hung sprawled out on a cross for all to see.


Like any good leader Jesus didn’t ask anything of us us he wasn’t willing to do completely.

Love and lead like Christ, pour out yourself. Then replenish yourself in the love God poured out for you in Jesus’ suffering and death.

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